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An * indicates a group that holds membership in WOW.

Catholic Network for Women's Equality (CNWE)* (Canada)

Catholic Women's Ordination* (UK)

Femmes et Hommes Égalité, Droits et Libertés dans les Églises et la Société * (France)

International Conference of European Women Theologians*

Maria von Magdala: Initiative for Women's Equality in the Church (Germany)

We Are Church (Ireland)*

Women and the Australian Church**This is the largest international website that focuses specifically on women's ordination.  A treasure trove of information, the site features material in 30 languages.  It also hosts Circles, an online forum that offers the opportunity to engage in worldwide dialogue on the issue.  The group that maintains the site is based in the UK and draws on a volunteer network from around the world.  

Women's Ordination Conference*: WOC is the world's oldest and largest organisation working solely for the ordination of women as priests, deacons and bishops into an inclusive and accountable Catholic Church.

Association of Roman Catholic Womenpriests

Call to Action (USA)

Catholica: A Global Conversation

Catholic Church Reform

Ecclesia of Women in Asia

The Elders: Particularly for their work for equality for women and girls

Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians

Gaudium et Spes

Iglesia Descalza - a voice from the margins of the Catholic Church

International Movement We Are Church

International Federation for a Renewed Catholic Ministry 

The John Wijngaards Catholic Research Centre

The Millionth Circle Initiative

The National Catholic Reporter

New Catholic Times Sensus Fidelium (Canada)

Pink Smoke Over the Vatican

The Prairie Messenger

Questions from a Ewe

The Quixote Centre

Roman Catholic Womenpriests (Canada)

The Tablet

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights \

Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) 

bWe Baptist Women for Equality’s Blog

Christians for Biblical Equality

Women in Ministry in the United Reformed Church

Ordain (Mormon) Women

Ordain Women Now

SELK Initiative Frauen Ordination (INFO)

Ordain Lutheran Women in Latvia

Women’s Ordination in Lutheran Churches (worldwide)

Ordain Women in the Lutheran Church of Australia