Women's Ordination Worldwide
Women's Ordination?
A Short Course in Ten Easy Steps

This ten step course has been designed to systematically explore the important theological concepts that underlie the debate on women priests. Though the material does not cover the whole academic field, it touches on the central points.

Creators of this course do not advise you to do more than one step in a sitting unless you are familiar with the theological disciplines involved. After reading the documents (and, perhaps, printing some of them), you will need time to digest them and make them your own.

1. Is the ordination of women an equal rights issue? click here!

2. What about the twelve apostles?  They were all men. click here!

3. Were negative scriptural statements about women inspired by God? click here!

4. Have women been forbidden for all time to ‘teach in Church’? click here!

5. Do their prejudices against women invalidate the teachings of Church Fathers and theologians? click here!

6. Does the teaching of the Church always remain the same? click here!

7. Was genuine Catholic Tradition against the ordination of women? click here!

8. Can a woman represent Christ? click here!

9. How binding is Rome’s teaching on the non-ordination of women? click here!

10. What are the prospects of women’s ordination in the future Catholic Church? click here!

With thanks to our member group, womenpriests.org who produced this course.

womenpriests.org is the largest international website that focuses specifically on women's ordination.  A treasure trove of information, the site features material in 30 languages.  It also hosts Circles, an online forum that offers the opportunity to engage in worldwide dialogue on the issue.  The group that maintains the site is based in the UK and draws on a volunteer network from around the world. 

womenpriests.org is a project of the John Wijngaards Catholic Research Centre.