The Holy Spirit is calling Women and Men to serve in a renewed priesthood

For Immediate Release: May 24, 2018

Pope Francis voiced alarm (21 May 2018) at the “vocational sterility” and “haemorrhaging” of nuns and priests in Italy and Europe.

The day after Pentecost Pope Francis is missing the signs of the Holy Spirit amongst the people of God. Insisting on only celibate male candidates to serve as priests means excluding all women and most men.

Shortage of vocations to the outdated forms of the priesthood or religious life does not mean there are no vocations, as we can see many Catholics, both women and men, being involved as lay ministers or pastoral associates, or even taking steps toward ordination in movements such as the Roman Catholic Women Priests.  New times require new models to fulfill God-given vocations.

Truly, the most obvious “haemorrhaging” in the Church today is the generations of talented and educated women who are leaving the Catholic Church to answer their call to priesthood or find equal rights and dignity in another faith. The People of God are following these women to communities that model equality and inclusion.

WOW recently launched a series, “Catholic Women Called,” documenting short videos of women called to priesthood, women the institutional Church tries to discredit and dismiss.


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